Simple DSLR Photography Tips

DSLR Photography TipsIf you are looking for some DSLR photography tips then this article will give you all that you need to know about photography with a DSLR. DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex camera. They are more expensive than the traditional point and shoot cameras. However, they have many advantages over both point and shoot cameras. Read on to learn more about DSLR photography tips.

Exposure Tips For Landscape Photography – The most important DSLR photography tips I can give you is to get as much light as possible into your camera. This will allow you to expose correctly for the scene you are trying to photograph. You can control the aperture and shutter speed through the camera settings. Normal exposure tips for landscape photography basically changed photography tenfold for me. Now, how to concentrate to infinity using the viewfinder. Here’s another tip for getting as much light as possible.DSLR Photography Tricks

DSLR Photography Tips – The second of my DSLR photography tips is to understand the camera’s focusing system. When taking photos of objects in environments where there’s no light, such as night scenes, you will usually need to press the back button to focus. With the digital SLRs you can press the button halfway, so you’ll be able to focus right on the subject. The trick to focus while in low light is to move the camera slowly until you notice that the object is in focus. The advantage of this over shooting the scene and moving the camera again is that you’ll get as many pictures as you want from this kind of setting.

Another of my favorite DSLR photography tips is to know your camera’s exposure settings. In general the exposure level can be set to normal or creative. If you’re going to be photographing children, playtime or pets, you’ll probably want to set it to creative. You can mess with exposure levels in other settings like white balance. This setting controls how your camera shoots color photos and can be very helpful when photographing outdoors. Again, it’s very useful when photographing night scenes.DSLR Photography Hacks

Another of my favorite DSLR photography tips involves knowing your camera’s live view feature. Many cameras have a small preview button on the side or inside the camera. You can use the live view feature to see your photo as it was taken before the camera pressed the shutter. This way you can make any corrections before the picture is printed. This is especially helpful if you are trying to take a landscape shot that needs to be with everything exactly as it was when the photo was taken.

These are just a few of the many DSLR photography tips I can give you. I highly recommend taking some time and doing some research on the internet to learn all you can about taking great pictures. Once you’ve learned all the tricks of the trade you’ll be able to go out and capture even more stunning images.