Double Exposure Photography – How to Take Amazing Results

Double Exposure Photography - How to Take Amazing ResultsDouble Exposure Photography is one of the two main types of photography, which uses exposure times to create images of an object exposed at two different times. The first time the camera is exposed is called the “pre-flash” and the second is known as the “post-flash” or the time when the light returns to the same spot being photographed. This technique can be applied to almost any situation and subject matter. You are only limited by your own imagination.

It’s important to note that using flash is absolutely necessary. Flash is very useful for this kind of photography because it allows the photographer to adjust the exposure time and avoid any visible streaking of the subject. The exposure settings on the camera should always be adjusted correctly. If the light isn’t properly exposed then the pictures will come out grainy and bright. There are three different settings: spot, center and background.Double Exposure Photography - How to Take Amazing Results

Double exposure photography is a very interesting form of artistic photography because you have more control over the outcome than with other types of photography. Some photographers find it very difficult to pull off this type of photography. If you have ever tried to take pictures like this then you know exactly what I am talking about. Your results can vary drastically depending on your lighting conditions, the subject you are photographing and even the size of the flash that was used. The best way to improve your results is by practicing.

Taking photographs of people in different lighting conditions can be very interesting. Try to expose the subject as dim as possible. Then, when you develop your technique you can take photographs of people in complete darkness.Double Exposure Photography - How to Take Amazing Results

Learning how to use your camera to take quality pictures is a very important aspect of this type of photography. Taking the same photo in different lighting conditions requires the shutter speed and aperture to be adjusted differently. Another key factor is the focus. Flash photography is extremely popular and if you want to make a good living with this type of photography then you must master it.

Lighting conditions can play a big role in the outcome of your photos. Taking pictures of bright lights and shades can be very interesting. Try using a small flash if you plan to take a picture outdoors. And last but not least, practice as often as possible so that you can perfect your technique.

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