Photography Hacks to Add Interest to Your Photography

Photography Hacks  to Add Interest to Your PhotographyThere are a lot of different photography hacks that photographers use. They are not illegal, but are just plain silly. I am talking about using the tape roll of your camera, tinting your hands to trick the camera, and attaching different lenses to your camera. It is amazing how many hacks there are, but I will only discuss a couple here. If you like these, and want to learn more, you can go to an online photography forum and see what other photographers have done.

The first hack that I am going to tell you about is called a softbox. A softbox hack is when you purchase a camera that has a black card inside. You then take a picture with this card and use it as your normal light source for your photographs. This does mean that your pictures will have some color correction, but it is still a fantastic hack for softbox photography.Photography Hacks

The second photography hacks is very similar to the softbox hack, but it is different in that you replace the black card with a softbox or recorder. A recorder has its own little flash that is attached to the camera body. The recorder captures the image, then you store it on a disk and use the disk as a normal photo album. The advantage of the hack is that it is much smaller than a harddrive would be and therefore allows you to take more photos. Unfortunately, it also has no image correction, but if you are looking for some great hack photography, this may be perfect for you.

The last hack that I am going to talk about is the use of tape to record amazing photography. When you attach the tape to the front of your camera, you can now place it as a reflector, so that the image is captured on the tape instead of on your camera’s LCD panel. This technique is great for underwater shots, but is not ideal for capturing landscape photos or nautical images.Add Interest to Your Photography

These three photography hacks will all work for many photographers, but there is another way to create some great photographs without using any cameras at all. It has to do with flash. By using a flash, you can greatly increase the depth of field of the image that you are shooting. Without a flash, the depth of field is just going to be a big blur. With a flash, it creates some amazing shadows and dark spots. It can also produce very nice bokeh, which makes the picture look like it was taken in the daylight hours.

If you like to take product photography, then you should really consider using a black and white photography hack to add interest to the image. You can easily do this by using your card, but you want to make sure that you are shooting in RAW format. This will give you the highest quality results and will let the colors stand out more. This hack also makes for some very interesting product photography as well.

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