Underwater Photography Tips and Techniques You Can Use

Underwater Photography Tips and Techniques You Can UseUnderwater photography is the artistic process of taking photos while submerged in water. It’s usually done when scuba diving, though can also be done when diving on the beach, on shallow surface provide, by snorkeling, pool diving, swimming, on an autonomous underwater vehicle, or even remotely operated from below. It involves several different elements such as technical diving skills, camera equipment, lighting, exposure, and subject placement to name just a few. In addition it requires creativity and the ability to see in the dark! I’ve spent many hours training in all aspects of this sport and here are some of my favorite underwater photography images…Underwater Photography Tips

This image was taken using a Canon D3000 DSLR underwater photography tips and techniques manual. The technique here was to shoot the sun directly at the sun setting behind the subject. This allowed the camera to automatically expose the lens for a shallow depth of field which was then underexposed by a Canon EOS Rebel SLi filter bag. I used high quality lenses on this camera to keep the backgrounds from getting too bright or dull. The effect was beautiful with lots of detail.Underwater Photography

The Japanese divers from DUU presented this photo on their website. This image was captured while they were scuba diving in the seas at Karakoram, Indonesia. The model was holding her head up as she took a big breath and smiled. This shot was taken under a palm tree and was taken from a good distance away. This underwater photography tips and techniques article would highly recommend that if you want a really amazing underwater photograph, never hold your head up!

Remember that with a digital camera you can take many image at various settings, then later on you can select the best of them to use. You can never take too many photos.

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