What is Digital Photography? An Easy To Understand Explanation

What is Digital Photography? An Easy To Understand ExplanationWhat is digital photography? It is defined as the reproduction of photographs, by some method or another, of information within a digital medium such as memory, video or audio tracks. In essence, digital photography captures an image in a non-lossy format, such that the final print will be indistinguishable from the original, despite the fact that it has been reproduced in digital form.What is Digital Photography?

Digital photography applies especially to systems using digital media, such as digital cameras. It utilizes cameras having arrays of tiny photodiodes make photos automatically, rather than an exposed exposure on film. The captured pictures are then digitized and stored on a computer file, ready for viewing, printing, or electronic publication. Because digital cameras have built-in mechanisms for determining what needs to be printed out, images can be easily manipulated by the user, resulting in alterations that can be saved and used again. It also reduces or eliminates the problems associated with film-borne debris, such as scratches, fingerprints, smudges, spider webs and other print-throughs. It also allows for an extended life of the camera, with no need for developing or the additional costs involved.Digital Photography

What is it? A more cutting edge form of artistic expression, digital photography is both a challenge and an exciting opportunity, particularly in the field of fine art photography. Many traditionalist artists are learning to adapt to this fast-paced and ever-changing medium, with many promising the future of a new hybrid form of artistic expression.

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