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What Makes Good Photography? - Take Better PhotosWhat makes good photography is a question that continues to be asked by those who simply enjoy looking at photos and admiring the art of photography. The reality is that there is no definite answer because every photographer has their own style and approach to what makes good photography. Some may prefer to shoot in black and white and using a lot of Photoshop effects, but the results often do not look very professional or the photo may have been taken with poor lighting conditions. Other photographers may prefer to take their photos outdoors and be prepared to spend a few extra hours in the studio getting just the right lighting setup and maybe even a few special effects to enhance the photo.

So what makes good photography? It really comes down to your own preferences. One great tip that many people consider to be a golden rule of photography is lighting. By having the correct lighting for your subject can really help to bring out their best in them and make their photo stand out from the rest. Another tip that many experts recommend is to remember to keep the background clean and lighten it as much as possible to hide the flaws of your subject in the photo.What Makes Good Photography?

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to what makes good photography is the type of camera that you are using. Do you use a point and shoot digital camera or a camera with a built-in camera flash? Are you using film or digital instead? These are all things to consider as each method of taking a photo will produce different results and will certainly require different skills and technique.

Another key question that many people who enjoy photography ask is what makes good photography on film versus online. Digital photography allows for some great creative opportunities such as being able to see your image immediately after it was taken, but the limitations do exist. For example, if you are taking a shot of a moving object and the movement is too slow you will have a hard time getting the photo to properly expose. This is where patience and knowing how to position yourself to get the shot you want to come into play.Take Better Photos

Another important question to ask when it comes to what makes good photography is how to frame the subject in the photo. Your choice of framing technique can make a huge difference in how your image looks. You may want to try the “rule of thirds” to get a nice frame around the subject. Another way to frame is to create an interesting background with a few objects in the foreground. Creating interesting backgrounds can really spice up your images.

So, in conclusion, the key question that you should be asking yourself when asking what is it that makes good photography is that of what does your subject look like after they are in the photo. It is very difficult to capture what a subject looks like in a photo without having the ability to see exactly what they are doing at the moment and the position they are in. Try to remember that if you are taking a photo of someone in front of the beautiful scenery and the person in the photo is standing next to a rock or tree, the tree or rock is going to be in the way of the view. The photographer needs to adjust his/her stance, pose, and the speed at which they are moving to compensate for this.

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